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Gullane was founded in 1996 and is one of todays’ best-known and acclaimed Brazilian production companies, having produced over 30 feature films and more than 15 TV series shown at the most prestigious festivals around the world, winning more than 300 awards and being distributed in many countries across the world.

Main Activities: Distribution e Production

Content Genres: Animation, Branded Entertainment e Comedy

Previous Partners: The Match Factory, Warner Bros., HBO, FOX Pictures, Buena Vista International, Globo Filmes

Content Broadcasted In: Globo Filmes (Brazil), HBO (LATAM), ESPN (Brazil), Discovery (LATAM), Animal Planet (LATAM).


Fabiano Gullane
Fabiano Gullane Fabiano Gullane +55 (11) 5084 0996 fabiano@gullane.com

Rua Barbalha, 137
São Paulo / SP
+55 (11) 5084-0996

Bingo - The King of the Mornings

Drama / Biography / Feature Film / Scripted Format / 4K

Format: aprox. 110 min

Target: Adult e Teenagers

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for: Distribution

Synopsis: It is a film about the man behind the mask. With makeup on, Augusto becomes an absolute success. But a clause on his contract forbids him to reveal his identity; an anonymous celebrity. Augusto turns into a clown who brings happiness to children across the country, but not to his son, who sees his own father, idol and partner, distance himself while searching for fame.

To be completed in: 2017

Co-production: Warner Bros., Empyrean

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/198681375

Just Like Our Parents

Drama / Feature Film / Scripted Format / Full HD

Format: 106 min

Target: Adult e Teenagers

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: Rosa longs only to be perfect: in her job, as a mother, daughter, wife, lover. The harder she tries, the more she feels she’s getting it wrong. The child of intellectuals and the mother of two pre-teen girls, Rosa finds herself trapped by the demands of two generations: to be modern and flawless – superwoman. Until one day her mother drops a bombshell, and Rosa begins to rediscover her true self.

To be completed in: 2017

Co-production: Buriti Filmes (Brazil), Globo Filmes (Brazil)

Highlights: Berlinale - Panorama Special - Official selection


Format: 1X8’

Target: Adult

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: A new timeline is traced and told, using sex as a guide for facts and revelations - ranging from the pre-discovery to nowadays - to investigate the role of sexuality in society and its transformation over the centuries. From 1500s to XXI century, we are informed about the sexual daring of the past and the complex sex industry to date.


Project status: Finished

Synopsis: The protagonist and hero of the film lives through the more radical moments in Brazil’s history. Alive for more than 600 years, he himself narrates the events taking place in four different periods and, in each one of them, he fights from the side of the weakers and reencounters his true love. His love story, that surmounts life and death, crosses the story of Brazil itself and goes back to tribal wars in pre-colonial Brazil, up to the lack of water in Rio de Janeiro in a not too distant future.