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Raccord Productions

Raccord Productions

An active production company in the Brazilian audiovisual market, Raccord has in it’s curriculum over 20 films (between short, medium and feature films), around 1.000 hours of television content and numerous video clips of famous artists. Raccord’ films are present in many different festivals over the world.

Main Activities: Production

Content Genres: Arts & Culture, Comedy, Kids & Youth e Sports

Previous Partners: Raccord Produções has many partnerships, including: Globo Films, Paramount Pictures, Fox Films, etc.

Content Broadcasted In: Canal Bis (Br), Canal Curta! (Br), GNT (Br), Multishow (Br), Telecine (Br), TNT (Br)


Clélia Bessa
Clélia Bessa Clélia Bessa +55 (21) 99977-3862 cleliabessa@raccord.com.br
Marcos Pieri
Marcos Pieri Marcos Pieri +55 (21) 98348-2921 producao@raccord.com.br

Rua Jardim Botânico, 674/102
Rio de Janeiro / RJ
+55 (21) 2540-6666

Go for It, Glanderson

Comedy / Social Responsability / Feature Film / Full HD

Format: 1 x 90'

Target: Adult e All ages

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Co-production Partner e Pre-sales

Synopsis: In the comedy, Paulo Ventania, a trinket seller in the traffic of Rio, walking around the suburbs, encounters Glanderson, a young boy who dreams of becoming a soccer player. But Glanderson has a peculiarity: he hasn’t two toes. In a story with international trips, hot girls, a lot of money and tamarind candy, Glanderson and Ventania will try their luck in the soccer world.

To be completed in: 2017

Co-production: Globo Filmes (Br), FSA (Br), RioFilme (Br), Oi (Br), Energisa (Br).

Highlights: Based upon the book by Helio de la Peña, directed by Jeferson De(Bróder, Panorama Festival – Berlin)

Teaser: vimeo.com/155821747/4747854c99


3D / Comedy / Kids & Youth / Feature Film / 3D

Format: 90'

Target: All ages e Kids

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Co-production Partner e Pre-sales

Synopsis: Pluft is a tale of two stories. It’s about the courage that may be born of fear, and it’s about the love that can come of differences. It’s a seafaring and pirates story, and also a ghost story. Two stories that one day find themselves in the attic of a house lost in a land far away. Pirates, ghosts, music and fantasy. Promo password: pluft3d

To be completed in: 2017

Co-production: Globo Filmes; FSA; RioFilme; Librelato (Br); SEC-Rio and BNDES.

Highlights: The play, by Maria Clara Machado, became the most important piece of children’s theater in Brazil.

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/155669420