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44 Toons

44 Toons

44 Toons is one of Brazil’s top production companies that creates original content for kids and family audiences worldwide. The company series have won many TV awards and its hallmarks are clever parody, humor, fast-paced dialogue and universal stories.

Main Activities: Games & Apps developer e Production

Content Genres: Animation, Comedy e Kids & Youth

Previous Partners: Downtown Filmes, Imagem Filmes, Gloob (Globosat), TV Cultura.

Content Broadcasted In: Starz (US), VIACOM (LATAM), Animax (Korea), MBC(ME), Yes Kidz (Israel), TV Cultura (BR), Gloob (BR).


Ale McHaddo
Ale McHaddo Ale McHaddo 44@44toons.com

Rua Harmonia, 1286
São Paulo / SP
+55 (11) 3034-1031

Wackyland Monsterland

Animation / Series / Full HD

Format: 26 x 11'

Target: Kids

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster

Synopsis: Imagine a town, where everyone is either being very sweet, or kinda scary. Sure, there’s a “good side” and a “bad side” to all of us on any given day . But the nine-year old Otto watches everybody simultaneously flip from one extreme to the other. No warning, no logic, no trigger. He is the only one who doesn’t transform along with the others and who realizes this is happening.

To be completed in: 2017

Broadcasted: VIACOM (LATAM), TV Cultura (Brazil)

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/233363937/e5c37a4144

Newbie and the Disasternauts

Animation / Kids & Youth / Sci-Fi / Series / Full HD

Format: 39 x 7'

Target: Kids

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster

Synopsis: Newbie and the Disasternauts are lost in space! And instead of figuring out how to get his crew safely back to Earth, the ship's captain just concentrates on having lots of fun. After all, Captain Newbie is just a kid! This sci-fi parody-adventure has recently made US-Brazilian television history by being the first Brazilian cartoon to be broadcast in English on a US network.

To be completed in: 2013

Co-production: TV Cultura (Brazil), TV RaTimBum (Brazil)

Broadcasted: Starz (US), TV RaTimBum (Brazil), TV Cultura (Brazil), Gloob (Brazil), TV Brasil (Brazil)

Teaser: http://bit.ly/NewbieTeaser

Osmar, the First Slice of the Loaf

Animation / Series / Full HD

Format: 52 x 11'

Target: Kids

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster

Synopsis: Being the first slice of a bread loaf in Breakfast City, Osmar faces a crusty life filled with challenges. His friend Stevie, a nutty baguette, often gets them into trouble as he tries to help Osmar get noticed by Josie, the fluffy sweet cake neighbor. The Osmar feature film is ready for a 2019 release!

To be completed in: 2015

Co-production: Gloob

Broadcasted: Gloob, TV Cultura, TV Brasil, Animax (South Korea), MBC (Middle East), Yes Kidz (Israel)

Highlights: Pilot won the MIPJr Kids' Jury Award 2009.

Teaser: http://bit.ly/OsmarTeaser