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FM Produções

FM Produções

Founded in 2011, FM PRODUÇÕES participated in main events of the audiovisual market, such as: Marché du Film; Ventana Sur, Berlin Festival; Rio Content Market; Montreal Film Festival; Toronto International Film Festival and Roma Film Fest. FM coproduced the documentary "Cinema Novo". The film won L'Oeil D'Or at Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

Main Activities: Production e Distribution

Content Genres: Arts & Culture e History & Civilization

Previous Partners: Kino TV and Panda from Brasil, Germina and Trivial from Argentina, Entre Chien & Loup from Belgium.



Fernando Muniz
Fernando Muniz Fernando Muniz +55 (21) 2523-0064 jfernandomuniz@fmproducoes.com.br

Rua Bulhões de Carvalho, 619 / 602 - Copacabana
Rio de Janeiro / RJ
+55 (21) 2523-0580


Drama / Feature Film / Full HD

Format: 1 x 90'

Target: Adult

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Broadcaster e Co-production Partner

Synopsis: Haydeé is a retired pianist. Abandoned by her husband and son, she enters into an identity crisis and hires the criminal Mario to end her life. Unexpected involvement between the two puts the future of both in conflict.

To be completed in: 2020

Co-production: Beto Rodrigues (BRAZIL) and Pensa&Rocca Producciones (ARGENTINA)


Drama / Crime / Feature Film / Full HD

Format: 1 x 90'

Target: Adult

Project status: Editing

Looking for: Co-production Partner

Synopsis: After the disappearance of his wife, Katarina, the dentist Leonardo finds himself forced to rebuild his life. Flirting with alcohol and drugs, he sees in the prostitute, Kelly the moment to vent his problems. His social apathy is further shaken when the women of his life are successively murdered. A lonely man, a meticulous psychopath, and a stubborn delegate. A revenge without limits!

To be completed in: 2018

Co-production: Visom Digital (BRAZIL) and Cabeça de Batata Entretenimento (BRAZIL)

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/244368508

In the Name of the People

Current Affairs / History & Civilization / Docs & Factual / Series / Full HD

Format: 6 x 48'

Target: All ages

Project status: Pre-Production

Looking for: Distribution e Pre-sales

Synopsis: “In the name of the People” is an exciting journey through Latin America, its people, cultures, struggles and changes: the history of 21st Century and its greatest social and cultural transformations, with considerable impact on the world, is our central theme, with Political Communication and people as our main protagonists.

To be completed in: 2017

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/209381110


Comedy / Drama / Feature Film / Full HD

Format: 01x105'

Target: Adult

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for: Pre-sales

Synopsis: Cris (Selton Mello), a young artist still trying to assert himself in the disputed world of the arts, obtains permission from the Brazilian Government to spend a month in an isolated international research station in Patagonia. His goal is to perform an exposure by merging, in an original way, photography and music. During this trip the character will confront his values and concepts.

To be completed in: 2017


Cinema Novo

Docs & Factual / Feature Film / Full HD

Format: 01x90'

Target: Adult

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster

Synopsis: "Cinema Novo" is a documentary that poetically investigates the main latin american cinematic movement, through the thoughts of its main authors: Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Glauber Rocha, Leon Hirszman, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Ruy Guerra, Walter Lima Jr., Paulo César Saraceni, and others.

To be completed in: 2016


Highlights: Best Documentary at Cannes 2016 (L'oeil D'or) / France. Colombo de Prata at Huelva Festival/Spain.

Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY1TMPCnLOA


Biography / Docs & Factual / Music & Concerts / Feature Film / Full HD

Format: 80'

Target: All ages

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster e Pre-sales

Synopsis: Directed by Edu Felistoque, BADI observes Badi Assad’s personal trajectory and her career as a singer, guitarist and composer. From classical to pop, she walks through the paths of the musical universe, reinventing herself and facing challenges. The film has the participations of Chico César, Toquinho, Yamandú Costa, Naná Vasconcelos, Seu Jorge and other names in Brazilian and international music.

To be completed in: 2017

Media in Motion

Current Affairs / Docs & Factual / Ethnology & Sociology / Feature Film / Full HD

Format: 93'

Target: All ages

Project status: Finished

Looking for: Broadcaster , Distribution e Pre-sales

Synopsis: Media in Motion is a documentary that discusses the democratization of information in Brazil. Between 2013 and 2015, a period of intense social mobilization, researchers from Dialogic Communication Laboratory of University of Rio de Janeiro (LCD-UERJ) followed seven groups of community/alternative media in the metropolitan zone of the city.

To be completed in: 2016

Teaser: https://youtu.be/80vkCzStMME


Project status: In Production

Synopsis: Wondwerful City is a television series created to narrate the new Brazilian reality through the eyes of a foreign observer, who looks around trying to figure out what really makes Brazil be what it is, in its most iconic city. Incidentally, Rio likes to believe it is the “wonderful city”, the nickname it created for itself a long time ago.

Co-production: Panda Filmes.



Format: 85´

Target: Adult

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: It's carnival in Brazil. The young John Peter, a huge friend of Anídio, wants to stay with the naive Rayane, who comes from Bahia to Sao Paulo, obsessed with the idea of getting a gringo boyfriend. Anídio has a "brilliant" plan to help his friend to conquer his cousin: João Pedro will go through "American", despite not knowing anything about how to speak English. In Anídio's plan this detail is irrelevant because Rayane likes but she doesn't speak anything in "American". The plan seems perfect, but to be succeed, João Pedro will need to hide the farce of his father, an Arab immigrant anti-American known for his simple nickname, "The Bomb Man".

Teaser: http://www.itsverynicepraxuxu.com.br/


Target: Adult

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: CIDE is 18 years old young boy, bold and sometimes darkish. Cide knows ALICE, a 16 years old girl, a little bit shy, she is the younger daughter of a Chinese business man. Cide falls in love with her. Cide hangs around with a group that get together at MALRAUX`S house. In Maulraux’s house, it’s allowed to smoke weed.Alice, who is still a virgin, initially doesn’t want to make love with Cide, but when she does they two are caught by Alice’s father. Then, Cide is accused of rape and go to the jail. When he left the jail, he ends up killing two Chinese body-guard. In desperation, Cide goes to meet Alice at the Hospital, where she is recovering from a suicide attempt. Cide is about to do the craziest thing in his life, committing suicide by firing his last shot, in a vain attempt to join Alice through his death. At this moment he hear Alice`s voice calling his name and interrupts the insane gesture.


Target: Adult

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: The film tells the story of a maestro extremely famous, who is sharing his obsession for the music with his muse Laura Martin, an exuberant woman, a musician of great talent, in charge of the transcripts of the composer’s works. Implacable fate eventually leads Maestro by a dark road of his own mind, thats when he create a morbid plan and a sinister pact with his muse, in order to remain united by music, forever.