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Boutique Filmes

Boutique Filmes

Boutique Filmes is the production company responsible for "3%", the first original Netflix series in Brazil, and for the recently announced series "Omniscient," also on Netflix. Since 2013, the company received 3 nominations at the International Emmy Kids Awards: In 2015 and 2017, with "Zu’s Zoo" and in 2016 with "SOS Fairy Manu".

Main Activities: Production

Content Genres: Animation, Kids & Youth e Reality Shows

Content Broadcasted In: Netflix, Cartoon Network, Warner, Discovery Kids, Fox, Globo, Gloob, HBO, Nickelodeon.


Tiago Mello
Tiago Mello Tiago Mello tiago@boutiquefilmes.com.br

Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1704 - Pinheiros
São Paulo / SP
+55 11 3031-8777


Animation / Series / Full HD

Format: 52 x 6'

Target: Pre-School

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Broadcaster , Co-production Partner e Pre-sales

Synopsis: Raffi is a curious and lovely dog, and Ema, a big hearted adventurer. They live in a farm in the center of the city - they try to be the best farmers of the universe, as long as an adventure or their Dad’s delicious apple pie doesn’t stop them.

Co-production: Lunes (Chile)

Brazilian Giants

Drama / Docs & Factual / Series / Full HD

Format: 4x44'

Target: All ages

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: Gigantes do Brasil tells the stories of four visionary entrepreneurs, Francesco Matarazzo, Percival Farquhar, Giuseppe Martinelli and Guilherme Guinle. While following their dreams and competing for their fortunes these man “invented” Brazilian history by showing the transformation from an agrarian, provincial culture into an international industry and economical power.

The Great Hotel Rudini Of Illusionism

Animation / Kids & Youth / Series / Full HD

Format: 26 x 11'

Target: Kids

Project status: In Development

Synopsis: Rudini, inherits a magic hotel where nothing is as it seems. With the help of Mr. Rabbit and other masters of illusion, Rudini will turn his outrageous ideas into action. He will find out that the bigger the trick, the bigger the trouble!

Ketchup Princess

Comedy / Kids & Youth / Series / Full HD

Format: 52 x 30'

Target: Kids e Tweens

Project status: In Development

Looking for: Co-production Partner e Pre-sales

Synopsis: Sara is a skater and a rebel. The kind of girl who would dress up as a ketchup bottle to a princess pageant. Until one day, she finds out she is a real princess. Parrot Land’s president has been impeached, and the people are rioting on the streets. A referendum to choose a new type of government is they solution to get out of crisis and monarchy wins. Now Sara will rule Parrot Land!

SOS Fairy Manu

Animation / Series / Full HD

Format: 78x11'

Target: Kids

Project status: Finished

Synopsis: Manu, an apprentice fairy godmother, aims to solve the problems of all the unusual fairy tale characters of the Enchanted Kingdom with her magic umbrella wand. SOS Fairy Manu was nominated for the Emmy Awards Kids in 2016.

To be completed in: 2018

Broadcasted: Gloob

Highlights: Nominated for the International Emmy Kids Awards 2016

Extraordinary Experiments

Format: 26x30'

Target: Tweens

Project status: In Post Production

Looking for: Distribution

Synopsis: Experimentos Extraordinários is a sitcom that follows Iberê Thenório and his crew composed by four inexperienced teenagers, on the backstage of a science TV Show. Every week they will produce and air a new episode and a new experiment while dealing with their own conflicts.

Broadcasted: Cartoon Network (Brazil) and Futura (Brazil)




Target: Kids

Project status: In Development

Synopsis: Cacupé and Sócrates are best friends. Cacupé is a human boy and Sócrates is a bull. They live on the island of Papaya where bulls are friendly and help with daily tasks, but Sócrates is a special bull. Besides being able to talk, he doesn’t appreciate being called a bull. A perfect odd couple.


Sci-Fi / Series / 4K

Format: 26 x 42'

Target: Adult

Project status: In Production

Synopsis: A world divided into progress and devastation. The link between the two sides is a cruel Process, and there’s only a 3% chance of making it through.“3%” takes place in a world where most of the population lives in “Inland”: a decadent, miserable, corrupt place. When people reach 20 years of age, they go through the “Process”, the only chance to get to “Offshore” – the better place.

To be completed in: 2019

Broadcasted: Netflix