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About Brazil



Brazil - Population 204.760.842 habitantes *
GDP USD 2,4 trilhões *
Homes with TV Sets 97,2%  
Time Zone GMT -3 Standard Time  
Currency 1 US$ =R$  4,13 (reais) ***
Language Spoken Portuguese  
Internet Users over 85,6 million *

*World Bank Data 2011
**IBGE 2010

Last uptade: January 21st, 2016

Brazil is a very creative country: its ideas, design and architecture are famous throughout the world. In the animation business, for example, Brazil has production companies that have original scripts and studios with high production capacity and presents cases of success with internationally known series exported to more than 150 countries.

The country offers a wide range for production and location. A diversity of landscapes can be found: marvelous beaches, historic buildings, tropical forests, megacities and also a wide cultural variety once the Brazilian population is a mix of Europeans, Indians, Asians and Africans.

The Brazilian market has several mechanisms to foster production and co-production of independent audiovisual content and also there have been activities to stimulate private investment in local industry. Most of these mechanisms result from tax incentives and they also may come from direct support funds, or bank funds or loans.

Annually, the amount contributed by public mechanisms is of approximately R$250 million (about US$ 150 million).

Most Brazilian producers use incentive mechanisms to finance their audiovisual works, but this is not a rule.

To use incentive mechanisms, the work needs to be considered Brazilian in accordance with local laws. Brazilian producers must indicate at the beginning of the process that there is already a Brazilian TV station involved in the project.


For more information, please access Doing Business With Brazil.